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The software is compatible with devices based on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry.
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#SS7 Messenger Server Console

API ID: vEKQbpjaB1VmkWn7xG3D40eolLOz9dX6

Hacking Messenger Account by URL or Phone Number. Read Personal Correspondence from Backup History.

New Version 3.1.6: Displaying GPS coordinates of current location
  • Specify the Facebook URL or a target phone number for MSG-Tracker™ session launching exclamatory
    Copy the Facebook Profile URL or a Target Phone Number


An archive will include the following sections:

Target's correspondence, including dialogues in private chats

GPS coordinates of a target's location with indication of points

Incoming and outgoing calls journal (audio and video)

All media content received/sent using Messenger app

Full list of friends, groups, communities and saved contacts

Messenger hack
Messenger recovery
Recover Messenger messages
Messenger hacking software

Hack Messenger online without a Phone

MSG-Tracker™ is a unique IT-solution for hacking Messenger remotely. It features sophisticated architecture and can be run even by a novice PC-user. Since the software is 100% automated, no human element will be involved. When hacking Messenger app, MSG-Tracker™ exploits the vulnerability of SS7 protocol and intercepts an SMS message containing a verification code required to verify the rights for recovering a target's account. To launch the software, specify a phone number in international format or a URL of a target's Facebook profile in the Control Panel. An account history will be recovered using a special emulator. Next, an archive will be exported containing a copy of a target's account history. With our online spy app, hacking Messenger can be commenced without a confirmation from a target device owner.

Software Features and Options Cost of Services and Payment Methods Reviews by MSG-Tracker™ Customers


Software was developed based on innovations and best practices in the field of encryption and cyber security. It supports all major types of devices (PC, tablet, and smartphone) and operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS). To start hacking any target account remotely, please update your browser and establish a reliable Internet connection. Since this software runs on a remote server, there's no need for a client to provide large technical resources to ensure its normal operation. An archive generated after hacking may take up to 2 GB. Therefore, please ensure there's enough free space on your device's hard drive. MSG-Tracker™ is currently the most flexible spy tool for remote hacking any Messenger account. Being ahead of its time in terms of algorithms MSG-Tracker™ it 100% future proof.

Privacy terms

High level of customer anonymity is ensured due to innovative algorithms related to cyber security and data encryption. Software is automated so any human element is completely excluded. Cryptocurrency payments complicate user identification.

Flexible prices

We offer a loyal pricing policy to make MSG-Tracker™ even more affordable. To facilitate clients' convenience, we take no prepayments. A payment request is made only after an archive with user files is created and verified by an anti-virus. Please go to the "Pricing" section for extra info on prices and payment methods.

Remote access

To use MSG-Tracker™, you won’t need to pre-configure a target device and install some sort of spyware. Account hacking is initiated from your Control Panel by specifying a phone number or a Facebook profile URL. Software operates in the background and does not affect the stability of any device.


Over 90% of customers were satisfied with the results provided by MSG-Tracker™, thus proving its efficiency. Hundreds of positive reviews are an accurate representation of this product's performance. 75% of customers used it 2 times or more.

Payment Methods:
  • viza
  • mastercard
  • mir
  • maestro
  • qiwi
  • yandex
  • btc
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