MSG-Tracker™ - Anonymous Messenger Monitoring

Security of Payment Data

All supported financial instruments can ensure sufficient enough level of payment data security to prevent the leakage of confidential information. But only digital currencies can offer the highest possible level of anonymity. The best part about cryptocurrencies is that they're based on a distributed computer network. Please see our guide for more info on purchasing and transferring cryptocurrency.

Our team acts in line to domestic legal and regulatory requirements when storing customer payment data and stores it as long as it is necessary. Financial data and information regarding Software usage is processed based on advanced developments in the field of encryption. Confidentiality of private data is one of key advantages MSG-Tracker™ has to offer.

Processing and Storing Private Data

There are three categories of data generated when using MSG-Tracker™:

  1. Registration-related – generated when a new account is created (email, login, and password).
  2. Identification-related – information used to identify a target account and start remote monitoring (a phone number or URL of a Facebook profile).
  3. Exported – an archive of user files with a copy of target account history. It's generated after hacking Messenger accounts.

All confidential data is stored on a remote server unrelated to MSG-Tracker™. Before being stored there, confidential data undergoes end-to-end encryption with a password specified by a client at registration serving as a decryptor. Security policy is constantly improved in line with best practices and innovations. The highest level of confidentiality can be achieved, only if a client ensures compliance with all recommendations.

To maximize private data security, use the following recommendations:

  • - Make sure to specify a new email address at registration.
  • - Try to make password sophisticated enough by adding special characters, as well as both upper and lower case letters.
  • - Press the "Exit" button after each session.
  • - MSG-Tracker™ team advises avoiding public Wi-Fi networks. If this is the only possible option, then encrypt traffic using VPN.
  • - After downloading an archive with user files, delete both your browser history and cookie files.

Unnoticeable Messenger Monitoring

MSG-Tracker™ is being constantly improved, while its functionality is being expanded. Now there's no need for downloading spyware and introducing any pre-configurations to start hacking Messenger. To launch the Software, just go to Control Panel and specify target identification data (phone number, Facebook URL). Software allows monitoring any target account remotely without decreasing Messenger app stability. Learn more about software operation principles..

100% confidentiality of private information can be ensured only thanks to mutual understanding between clients and MSG-Tracker™ team. It allows combining advanced cyber security technologies introduced by developers with prevention measures taken by users and aimed at increasing the degree of personal data protection. Such combination prevents information leakages and further possible frauds.

In case you encounter any issue when using MSG-Tracker™,

search for solutions in the F.A.Q.section. It contains answers to frequently asked questions. Moreover, customers can contact Customer Support Team.

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