MSG-Tracker™ - Technical Features of Software

Hacking Messenger by Exploiting the Vulnerability of SS7 Protocol

1 :How did it Started?

We got accustomed to social media being now an integral part of our lives. It may seem incredible, but 20 years ago emails were the primary means of Internet-communication. In 2004, a revolution occurred – Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook app. This social media website started rapidly gaining momentum and very soon became known around the globe.

Thanks to smartphones combining features of a standard mobile phone and a handheld computer, social media websites became even more accessible and popular. Internet-enabled smartphones became widely used as a multifunctional communicative tool. Today, it's enough to install Messenger app on such a device to be able to send text messages and make video calls anywhere around the world.

Messenger is an app for instant messaging and video-calls. It was developed by Facebook programmers and based on an open protocol called MQTT. Boasts of a monthly user base of about 1 billion persons. App supports the following operating systems: iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 8.

2 : Messenger Specification

Thanks to intuitive interface, this app is accessible even for persons lacking skills related to using such software. Messenger is 100% free and can be installed directly from the official Facebook app. Messenger is integrated with Facebook chatting system and synchronizes the entire contact list of a user's Facebook account. Key features of this app are as follows: geolocation, confirmation of message viewing and bot support.

The List of Functions Available to Users:

  1. Instant text and voice messaging
  2. Forwarding of dialogues to third parties, bot support
  3. Tag-labels for quick search of required data
  4. Storage and transferring of data packets through private channels
  5. Geolocation for recording current location

Thanks to combination of various useful functions and a large audience, Messenger became a very convenient tool for communicating with others. This software can be used both to search for old friends you lost touch with and to make new acquaintances. As Facebook's social media platform grows in popularity, an increasing number of users want to know: How to hack Messenger?

3 : Effective Method of Hacking any Messenger Account

Data privacy has always been a weak spot for software developers. In theory, one can bypass any security system. Moreover, hackers constantly improve their skills as well as equipment. Currently, Messenger app offers a high enough security level. But new methods of hacking it are being constantly developed.

Analysing each method separately is a waste of time, because today most of them can be considered useless. Messenger security system is constantly improving. So many hacking tools loose their relevance. Therefore, it is important to take into account only time-tested instruments that have been proving their effectiveness over and over again.

MSG-Tracker™ is the most popular tool for remote hacking of Messenger accounts. It's an innovative product that combines progressive developments in IT and time-tested technologies. Its functionality is based on algorithms for exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol used by cellular operators.

4 : Two-Factor Authentication Issue

When a new Facebook account is created, a mobile phone number must be specified that should act as a link between this social media platform and a profile owner. In case of losing access, this user can restore such FB account using his phone number.

Two-factor authentication is an effective protective tool. But, ironically, it's the most vulnerable element in the entire Messenger security system. Technical faults of cellular operators make software developers vulnerable to attempts of gaining access to users' personal data by third parties.

MSG-Tracker™ intercepts an authorization code and allows full recovery of a profile history on a new device. This service uses the vulnerability of SS7 protocol and allows remote monitoring of an account unnoticeably for a target.

5 : The Issue with SS7 Protocol

Various challenges related to SS7 protocol used by cellular operators are actively discussed only in narrow circles and are of no particular interest for average subscribers. This issue is periodically raised by information security experts calling the above vulnerability the main tool for hacking mobile apps and the main reason of personal data leakages.

SS7 protocol was developed in the 70s. Back then, it was considered to be a cutting-edge system offering the highest level of security. General public was shocked by the news that this protocol is, in fact, poorly protected from external attacks. But cellular operators started denying it to calm down their customers.

To launch MSG-Tracker™, a client needs to specify a target phone number or a URL of a relevant Facebook profile. Next, MSG-Tracker™ will get data needed to authorize a target account, transfer it to a special Messenger emulator and generate a downloadable copy of a target account history.

6 : Messenger Emulator

After intercepting an SMS with a confirmation code, software first and foremost logs into a target FB account. Next, it opens this Messenger account on a special emulator. One of key functions MSG-Tracker™ has to offer is a mechanism of storing data from a target account for further downloading.

An archive being exported contains the following information:

  1. Target's correspondence, including dialogues in private chats
  2. GPS coordinates of a target's location with indication of points
  3. Incoming and outgoing calls journal (audio and video)
  4. All media content received/sent using Messenger app
  5. Full list of friends, groups, communities and saved contacts
  6. Current application settings set by its administrator

7 : Operational Aspects

MSG-Tracker™ is a high-tech product developed based on customer suggestions. It offers loyal system requirements making software even more accessible to Internet users.

Minimal System Requirements:

  • - A device with Windows, Android or iOS operating systems (a new version for MacOS was introduced recently).
  • - High-quality Internet connection being fast enough for quick downloading of large data packets.
  • - Current version of a web browser. Developers recommend using Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Advantages of Using MSG-Tracker™:

  • - You need only to specify a phone number or a Facebook URL for launching.
  • - Monitoring is performed remotely and unnoticeably for a "target".
  • - Success rate reaches 95%. Number of return visits reaches 68%.

8 : Bottom Line

Now everyone can access any Messenger account using MSG-Tracker™. The software initiates an attack on SS7 protocol and intercepts an SMS with an authorization code. Next, a target profile is transferred to an emulator and the client becomes capable of downloading a copy of its history.

The entire process is performed in the background and does not affect Messenger app in terms of stability. MSG-Tracker™ success rate exceeds 95%. This is confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews by clients who used the software and got the best results.